Wittmann is a renowned Austrian company specializing in designer furniture with an unwavering focus on exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous material selection.

Collaborating with esteemed designers, such as Johannes Spalt, Jean Nouvel, Matteo Thun, and Paolo Piva, as well as emerging talents like Jaime Hayon, Sebastian Herkner, and Luca Nichetto, Wittmann has consistently embraced innovation and creativity.

With a global presence in over 50 countries, Wittmann’s exceptional products can be found in flagship stores in Vienna, Hamburg, Amsterdam, and Seon. Guided by a strong sense of regional identity and sustainability, Wittmann prioritizes responsible procurement practices, local partnerships, and the use of certified materials, ensuring a greener future for the company.

Upholding a commitment to tradition and quality, Wittmann produces handmade upholstered furnishings that reflect their expertise passed down through five generations.
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