Ethnicraft was established by two friends who quickly found their identity.

They have since broadened their creative palette, developing and extending a collection centered around aspects of quality and warm materials, alongside form and function.

Their collections include furniture and decorative objects for every room or space, from defining the purpose of an area to layering it with meaning through accessories. The company’s philosophy is that a home should be filled with items that have meaning, making it feel lived-in and quintessentially yours.

In collaboration with a close community recognized for their distinct design aesthetic and use of both current and traditional techniques, the company creates unique and authentic pieces.

The main designer, Alain Van Havre, deeply connected to his environment and passionate about natural materials, has developed an exceptional expertise for woodworking.

Over the years, Van Havre has created his own visual language centered around form, which is evident in collections that reflect a natural aesthetic. He believes that it is important to bring designs closer to nature so that people can connect with them, which has influenced Ethnicraft’s designs over the past two decades.

Furniture and decorative objects for every room and space, indoors and outdoors, making it feel lived-in and quintessentially yours.
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