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Our Contract Division has executed customized projects across Greece in partnership with architects, interior designers and developers. Dedicated to large furniture supplies and special projects, our contract division has provided tailor-made solutions for private and public areas such as hospitality, private residences, libraries, museums, yachts, offices, and corporate headquarters. We offer furniture options as well as tailor-made kitchen and wardrobe systems.

Customized Design

Our Contract Division can engage in productive and vibrant partnerships with designers, construction firms, and shipbuilders to conceive and build interior fixtures and decor. Our designs are tailored to meet particular requests and we offer all of the necessary support to ensure the success of the project.

Request Our Tailor Made Technical Service

Depending on the project, our team is able to take on various aspects of project management, including interior design, product development, logistics, and installation. We possess a strong drive for innovation, a legacy which has been a part of our company’s DNA for 40 years. Thanks to our experience and know-how, our product proposal aims to satisfy our customers’ demand for customized, refined and timeless solutions.

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