Ethimo, an ambassador of authentic Italian design, draws inspiration from Mediterranean culture, architecture, fragrances, and customs to create outdoor living collections that embody pure and timeless values.

Their meticulous craftsmanship and sophisticated tastes result in a harmonious blend of beauty, nature, culture, and tradition. By utilizing innovative materials and attention to detail, Ethimo crafts unique outdoor projects with diverse finishes tailored to different environments.

With a commitment to sustainability, they use FSC-certified wood from monitored forests and prioritize the natural environment. Ethimo’s collections, characterized by their essence, seamlessly integrate lounge elements, dining sets, and lighting plans, reflecting their dedication to beauty, functionality, quality, and the Made in Italy ethos.

Collaborations with renowned international designers enhance their contemporary designs, while their passion for nature drives their entrepreneurial journey. Ethimo’s presence spans over 70 countries, adorning private gardens, country hotels, and luxurious resorts, offering sophisticated outdoor settings for the enjoyment of free time.

Creating outdoor living spaces that are functional, luxurious and inspired by the beauty of Mediterranean culture, architecture, and environment.
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