Established in 1643, the luxury home fragrance company Trudon, collaborates with world-class perfumers to create meticulously crafted fragrances.

Each scented candle undergoes a careful development process, from selecting raw materials to testing formulas.

Handmade in their Normandy factory, the candles are meticulously assembled, with wicks precisely placed at the center of each glass. Trudon’s commitment to environmental preservation is evident through its partnership with the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory. Together, they protect the European dark bee, an endangered species essential to the region’s biodiversity.

The conservatory monitors the genetic pool of local dark bee populations and aims to reintroduce them into the wild. Maison Trudon’s collaboration aligns with their commitment to conservation and sustainable beekeeping practices, reflecting their dedication to preserving the dark bee’s natural habitat.

Meticulously crafted, fine fragrances with a commitment to environmental preservation.
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