Molteni&C Gliss Master Custom Wardrobe Solutions Tailor-made to Suit Your Space

When Belgian architect, Vincent Van Duysen created the Gliss Master wardrobe ecosystem for Molteni&C he wanted to redefine the concept of what makes a custom-made wardrobe and create something that would be perfectly in tune with the individual needs of any project.

The result is a blend of patented technology, multiple customization possibilities and elegant finishes that enhance both the space and the lives of the customers they are tailor-made for.

Everything, from the doors to the containers and from the interior equipment (i.e. shoe racks, shirt holders, tie holders) to the lighting is customized to the highest degree. The interior and exterior finishes can be played with until deciding on the ideal combination—how about selecting glass doors and a dark chestnut interior; or bamboo doors with a gray tatami interior. It all depends on the scope of your project and the desires of your client.


Taking it even further than aesthetics and functions, Molteni&C nighttime systems have now teamed up with the Internet Of Things to create avant-garde solutions and innovations that guarantee the best environmental quality for your client’s wardrobe. Let’s face it, taking care of their clothing and accessories collections is essential for your luxury client. With the simple use of Aircub, a device that’s easily manageable from an app, air purification and ionizing/ozonizing functions assure that harmful agents such as bacteria, moulds and allergens will be excluded from their closet system, therefore protecting their personal clothing and accessories collections.

Form, function and technology meld together for the creation of a fully customizable wardrobe system that is always designed to perfectly fit the individual needs of your client.

Visit us at the Molteni&C showroom in Halandri or the AVAX showroom in Kifissia to discuss how Molteni&C wardrobe systems are an ideal fit for your space.  




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